What if together, we could save more lives ?

Imagine early detection, free diagnosis , chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy for all cancer cases in Nigeria. Yes, Free.

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Current Challenge

No comprehensive cancer center. Less than 5 functioning radiotherapy machine in the country. Highest cancer death ratio in the world. 4 in 5 cancer patient die


Provide free health care services to over 100,000 Nigerian cancer patients annually by building "Cancer Free City".


Collaborate with Nigerian citizens to raise funds to build and manage health care infrastructure that's free to all Nigerians.


Serve 100,000 patients.
Reduce cancer dead ratio.
Provide over 15,000 jobs.
Medical tourism.

Strategy + Road Map

Engage 5million Nigerians to give N2000 monthly for 24 months.
Comprehensive cancer treatment centre built in phases.

 Phase 1- 3

Free diagnostic centre for early screening test and detection at temporary site. Recruitment and trainings. Construction on permanent site after land acquisition.

Phase 4 - 5

Vetting by relevant groups. Facility expansion to Include comprehensive R&D , Staff lodge, Recuperation centre, Theme parks, Shopping Centre and School.

Open Roles For Volunteer Experts

In addition to our pool of professional individuals on this project, we have open roles for expert volunteers as well.

Please email info@cancerfreecity.org | volunteer@cancefreecity.org


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Like to give more or collaborate ? Please contact us or email partner@cancerfreecity.org


"I strongly lend my voice and my shoulder to carry your weight. It's not a mean task and hope other Nigerians will do the same.."

Professor Oke

“We can truly have a cancer free city if we collaborated and stay committed to the cause. We have no doubt whatsoever.”

Dr Funsho Oladipo
CMD R-Jolad Hospitals

“Look. Cancer is real. Cancer Free City is bringing cancer help for free. Support this dream..”

Lanre Olushola
The Catalyst

"This is a laudable idea and it's a great service to humanity. I here give my full support and service.."

Dr Popoola Abiodun
Clinical Oncologist